Secon’s Biesner bags inaugural scholarship for 2013

Nicholas Bliesner has received warm congratulations from CMS Transport Systems for winning the first-ever David Hay Scholarship Award. With the award, Bliesner, who works for Secon Freight Logistics, will be able to complete his education and advance his career in the supply chain and transport industry. Bliesner accepted the prestigious award in September at the Freight Industry Awards night, a major event organised by the Victorian Transport Association (VTA).

Being awarded the scholarship is not only a major feat for Bliesner but is also a significant boost for Secon. For the past four years, Secon has been taking bold initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills of its workforce. Secon has rolled out a series of training sessions and education programs for all of its employees – from the administration to management departments.

The opportunity for Bliesner to expand his knowledge and skills in the supply chain, transport, and logistic industry can lead to greater things and can make him an even greater asset for Secon, a company investing in success by developing the capability of its workforce. “Nick’s achievement in attaining this highly competitive scholarship has made Secon truly proud,” said Brendon Considine, director of operations at Secon, himself the recipient of the WF Chalmers Award from the VTA this year.

VTA chief executive officer Neil Chambers said earlier that judging the winners at the awards night was not easy because of the calibre and qualifications of the nominees. He congratulated Bliesner and everyone else who received awards at the event, which is one of the most highly anticipated happenings in the supply chain and logistics industry in Australia.

The David Hay Scholarship Award

David Hay was one of the most influential and recognised figures in the Australian supply chain industry. He had an extraordinary career for more than 50 years before cancer took his life in 2011. David’s passing was a blow to the industry and his wife, Christine, wished for his legacy to continue. The result of Christine’s commitment to this legacy is the David Hay Scholarship Award.

The award aims to help people who did not manage to finish their studies but are willing and capable to greatly contribute to the industry. Offered to individuals every year, the scholarship gives the winner a chance to take courses from diploma to PhD level in Freight, Logistics, Transport, and Supply Chain streams.

The scholarship program assists successful candidates who truly aspire and commit themselves to furthering their career in the supply chain, logistics and transport industry. They, however, must comply with all the requirements once accepted.