Freight2020 Compliance Management controls and streamlines the management of OHS / WHS / Worksafe compliance, incidents and accidents, Workcover and return-to-work.

Safety is of paramount importance in the Australian road freight transport industry, and safety compliance is strictly enforced in every Australian state. The goal is always to have ‘zero’ occurrences. However, in the real world, incidents and accidents can sometimes happen irrespective of all measures taken in effort to prevent them. The compliance software within Freight2020 can easily maintain tight control of human-related safety essentials – like fitness-for-duty, and validity of drivers’ licenses, as basic examples. If an incident or accident should occur, Freight2020 helps you to manage each and every regulatory processing requirement from the moment of occurrence through to satisfactory resolution, including comprehensive analysis of all incident-related costs and procedural events to minimise losses and optimise outcomes across-the-board. Conversely, non-compliance not only increases the actual risk to people and property, but heavy fines resulting from the detection of a breach in compliance can penalise every link in the chain of responsibility – even when there were no actual consequences. Without Freight2020, compliance management can be a minefield. Developed specifically for the Australian road freight transport industry, and continuously updated to keep pace with changes in legislation and regulatory requirements, Freight2020 delivers all the compliance software you’ll ever need.

System-wide sharing of data for efficiency; controllable access for confidentiality.

The full integration of each module within Freight2020 means that whenever data is entered or captured into the system, it is automatically updated and shared throughout the system. However, you may not want all users of the system to be able to access all of the available data. Freight2020 can be configured to limit or restrict access to sensitive details, such as medical reports and return-to-work plans, for example, to specific users like the HR manager and business owner only. The compliance software solution within Freight2020 is closely associated to the payroll software and human resources software solutions within Freight2020, eliminating the chase for lost paperwork, and errors caused by repetitive data-entry or the lack of compatibility between disparate systems. Full integration with Freight2020 Operations Management means that whenever a job is allocated to a driver, for example, the driver’s records in the system are instantly cross-checked to ensure they possess all of the current licenses or qualifications required to meet the specific compliance requirements of the particular job. Working together, the modules within Freight2020 serve each area of the business with relevant data and provide a complete picture of the whole business. Managers and business owners can enjoy an up-to-the-minute overview of the business from every perspective, and all current details, documents and calculations on any aspect or event within the system are readily available to the ‘right’ users, wherever and whenever they need them.

Just some key features of Freight2020 Compliance software:

  • Manage drivers’ license renewal requirements, medical expiry dates, certifications – any type of company-defined tasks and next actions
  • Share compliance-related data with Freight2020 Operations Management via real-time integration
  • Automatically check for specific operations-related job allocation requirements, such as dangerous goods license validity
  • Notify, alert, and follow-up with specific users automatically using Freight2020’s Auto-Email Notifications
  • Share master employee data with Freight2020 Human Resources Management via real-time integration
  • Manage incidents from the moment of occurrence with real-time information and documentation capturing
  • Manage Workcover claims, status, return-to-work plans and procedures, and corrective actions
  • Analyse incident-related costs and outcomes; minimise incident-related costs and productivity losses
  • Manage accidents with all details and documentation captured and stored in one place
  • Complete the insurance claim process in the fastest time possible
  • Protect sensitive information by limiting access to specified users on a needs-to-know basis
  • Share payroll-related data with Freight2020 Payroll Management via real-time integration
  • Share incident/accident-related cost data with Freight2020 Financial Management modules via real-time integration
  • Reduce incident/accident-related costs, minimise risk, optimise Workcover claims, streamline insurance processing, maximise productivity

Real-time interactivity with Freight2020 Driver Mobility

Mobile app f2020-tempDrivers and subbies alike can interact with Freight2020 Compliance Management and all other relevant parts of the Freight2020 transport management system by using Freight2020 Driver Mobility – a free-to-download app which works on common mobile devices. Capture driver shift start/end in real-time; capture on-the-road safety equipment compliance checks; instantly document and report accidents, incidents, and maintenance issues; manage job allocations, locations, and all events; provide drivers with instantly-updated job details; capture proof-of-delivery; and much, much more with this powerful app.

Hands-free compliance management with Auto-Email Notifications:

auto-email-notificationsFreight2020 Auto-Email Notifications is a system-wide interactivity feature which is configurable to automate many of the alerts and notification tasks involved in effective compliance management. For example, you can easily set auto-alerts to notify managers in advance of drivers’ licence expiry and other vital renewal dates. Updated employee medical reports and return-to-work plans, for example, can be distributed to specified recipients via email automatically. There are so many ways to use this brilliant feature to assist with compliance management, along with every other aspect of managing a road freight transport business.

Integrated with other Human Capital Management modules:

Freight2020 Compliance Management is just one of the fully-integrated modules within the Freight2020 Human Capital Management software suite.

Human Resources Management

Payroll Management

Subcontractor Management

Integrated with other Freight2020 management modules:

Modules within Freight2020 Human Capital Management are fully integrated to Freight2020 Financial Accounting Management for seamless sharing of payroll data with accounts, for example. Likewise, full integration with Fleet Maintenance Management brings together human incidents and return-to-work with vehicle accidents and repairs. The more modules working together in your Freight2020 system, the more streamlined and efficient your entire business.


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