Automatic Freight2020 updates

Once your business is using Freight2020 Cloud or a maintained Freight2020 Server installation, updates to the system are carried out automatically as part of the service agreement with CMS Transport Systems. You can be sure that your Freight2020 system is always up-to-date with latest features and any changes to regulatory requirements. If you’d like to know more about how system updates are implemented, ask here or via the Freight2020 user Help Desk.

Adding additional modules

Some businesses start by using just one or more modules of Freight2020, then add other modules as the business grows and diversifies. Freight2020 Financial Accounting Management, Fleet Maintenance Management, Human Capital Management, Operations ManagementWarehouse Management, Online Customer Portal, and Driver Mobility are all fully integrated and the system is infinitely scalable. To learn more about expanding your system with additional modules, feel free to ask for a demo.