Freight2020 Subcontractor Management brings the management of subbies right into the integrated system control-loop with financials, compliance, operations, and more.

Some Australian road freight transport businesses own all of their own vehicles and employ their drivers, some mix their own fleet and drivers with subcontractors and their rigs for the provision of services, others rely on subcontractors exclusively. To whatever degree your transport business uses subcontractors, Freight2020 subcontractor management software provides for the management of subcontractors as an integral part of the business model, handling the presence of subcontractors in all operations, financials, human resources, and compliance areas for a complete picture, and including subcontractors in advanced functions such as Freight2020 Driver Mobility for real-time interaction with bookings.

Real-time interactivity with Freight2020 Driver Mobility

Mobile app f2020-tempDrivers and subbies alike can interact with Freight2020 Human Resources Management and all other relevant parts of the Freight2020 transport management system by using Freight2020 Driver Mobility – a free-to-download app which works on common mobile devices. Capture driver shift start/end times; capture on-the-road safety equipment checks; instantly document and report accidents, incidents, and maintenance issues; manage job allocations, locations, and all events; provide drivers with instantly-updated job details; capture proof-of-delivery; and much, much more with this powerful app.

Hands-free subcontractor management with Auto-Email Notifications

auto-email-notificationsFreight2020 Auto-Email Notifications is a system-wide interactivity feature which is configurable to automate many of the alerts and notification tasks involved in subcontractor management. For example, you can easily set auto-alerts to distribute subcontractor payment advices to specified recipients via email automatically. Notify managers in advance of driver licence expiry and other vital compliance-related issues. There are so many ways to use this brilliant feature to assist with subcontractor management, along with every other aspect of managing a road freight transport business.

Integrated with other Human Capital Management modules:

Freight2020 Subcontractor Management is just one of the fully-integrated modules within the Freight2020 Human Capital Management software suite.

Human Resources Management

Compliance Management

Payroll Management

Integrated with other Freight2020 management modules:

Modules within Freight2020 Human Capital Management are fully integrated to Freight2020 Financial Accounting Management for seamless sharing of subcontractor data with accounts, for example. Likewise, full integration with Fleet Maintenance Management brings together human incidents and return-to-work with vehicle accidents and repairs. The more modules working together in your Freight2020 system, the more streamlined and efficient your entire business.


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