Track items within consignments for transport and 3PL warehousing.

Many transport companies using Freight2020 simply track consignments through the various stages and legs between pick-up and final delivery, but others have tracking requirements that are considerably more complex. For example, what happens when freight within one consignment is being shipped to multiple receival locations, or split into some items bound for delivery and others for 3PL warehousing? The Item-Level Tracking feature within Freight2020 provides tracking of individual items within consignments, feeding real-time freight movement information directly to Operations Management, Warehouse Management, and the customer via the Freight2020 Online Customer Portal.

The power to print and scan individual bar-codes with branding.

Freight2020 produces unique bar-coded freight labels which can be printed in your office or by your customer using the Freight2020 Online Customer Portal with your own branding. The bar-coded labels are applied directly to each item or pallet, creating within Freight2020 a separate record of each item within each freight booking or consignment. From there, scanning devices are utilised so that Freight2020 knows each movement of each item or pallet. Freight2020 allows you to confirm inbound items received at each depot, allocate items to a manifest, and even split and track items from one consignment when travelling on different trucks or being warehoused at different locations.

Extreme efficiency with automated real-time tracking updates.

Not only does Freight2020 Item-Level Tracking drastically streamline and simplify the tracking, managing, and billing of complicated freight consignments, the need for tracking-related customer enquiries is eliminated by Freight2020 serving filtered tracking information about each bar-coded item in real-time via the Freight2020 Online Customer Portal. What’s more, Freight2020 Auto-Email Notifications can deliver real-time updates on item-level receivals and movements, right through to delivery with captured sign-on-glass POD, providing even casual or one-off freight customers with a seamless and totally stress-free customer experience.

Freight2020 Item-Level Barcode Label

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Use Item-Level Tracking with fully-integrated Freight2020 Warehouse Management:

For transport companies typically providing 3PL services to their customers, the ultimate warehouse management software solution is Freight2020 Warehouse Management. Fully integrated with all other management modules in the Freight2020 system, Freight2020 Warehouse Management delivers absolute control, real-time customer services, and streamlined efficiency across all 3PL activities. Read more…

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