Complete suite of modular solutions with full integration and interactivity.

Use any Freight2020 module to optimise one specific area of your business, or combine any modules into one-fully integrated system for managing your entire business. Full integration means that whenever data is entered or captured into Freight2020, it is immediately updated throughout the system. Managers enjoy a clear view of the business at any moment, and everyone – customers, admin, drivers, subbies, agents – knows what they need to know when they need to know it. The Online Customer Portal offers customers advanced self-service features like online bookings, track-and-trace (down to item-level if needed), and much more – with your own branding for a seamless customer experience. The system-wide Auto-Email Notifications feature can send hands-free messages triggered by any kind of event – configure to send pick-up confirmations and electronic POD to specified customers; flag safety issues; or raise maintenance alerts, for example. Freight2020 Mobility provides live driver and warehouse interactivity with Operations, HR, Compliance, Fleet Maintenance, Warehouse Managementsign-on-glass, RF scanning, and more – all with a powerful mobile app that’s free to download. You can have Freight2020 in the cloud or on-premise – either way, all advanced features are available. And where specialised third-party solutions are used, Freight2020 can be integrated. Freight2020 is the ultimate transport management system (TMS), and Freight2020 is continually kept up-to-date with changes in Australian transport industry legislation and regulations.

Freight2020 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT for performance and profitability.

Freight2020 Operations Management handles every detailed step in operations from generating a quote or creating a booking, through to invoicing for the completed job. Whether your transport business specialises in General FreightContainer Freight, Contract Logistics, Earthmoving, Energy Distribution, Heavy Haulage, or Livestock Transport, or any combination of service offerings, Freight2020 comes ready to manage operations more efficiently and therefore more profitably. With one click of an icon, users are guided through the procedures required to quote, create, and manage any type of job, effectively and compliantly, through to completion and invoicing. Data-entry and risks are minimised, margins are maximised, and critical decision-making is made easy.

Freight2020 transport management systems overview


Container Freight

Contract Logistics


Energy Distribution

General Freight

Heavy Haulage

Livestock Transport

More fully-integrated management modules. All the efficiency you’ll ever need.

As well as Operations Management with its optional freight specialisations, the Freight2020 suite includes four other management modules to use stand-alone, or in any combination with full integration. The Human Capital Management solution within Freight2020 includes Human Resources Management, Compliance Management, Payroll Management and Subcontractor Management. Freight2020 Fleet Maintenance Management controls every aspect of maintaining vehicle and equipment assets through to per-asset profit and loss. Warehouse Management is a sophisticated solution for seamlessly managing transport 3PL storage and movements, with flexible billing options and item-level tracking. The Financial Accounting module within the Freight2020 suite is a world-class accounting solution. Fully integrated with all modules in the Freight2020 transport management system, Financial Accounting brings the whole business together on the bottom line.


Truck Fleet Maintenance Software


Workforce Management



Advanced interactivity with online and mobile integration.

Australian-developed Freight2020 is one of the most advanced transport management systems in the world. Continuous development keeps Freight2020 way ahead with advanced features. With the optional Online Customer Portal, customers can make their own bookings, track-and-trace consignments and 3PL warehouse stock to item level, and access account information. Auto-Email Notifications are another advanced feature of the Freight2020 transport management system, used system-wide in any number of ways to send hands-free, event-triggered messages to specified recipients. Freight2020 Driver Mobility enables drivers and subbies to interact with live bookings data and much more with a free-to-download app for common mobile devices.

Auto Email Notifications


Item-Level Tracking within Freight2020

Item-Level Tracking

Online Customer Portal

Superpowers for advanced business intelligence and security.

In addition to your Freight2020 system configuration, there are two other options most businesses wish to consider. One is Freight2020 BI360, the complete business intelligence and data analytics solution which provides business owners and managements with an easy-to-read dashboard view of business performance in real-time and powerful super-reporting tools. The other is Freight2020 MDBA for 24/7 protection against data loss and corruption.

Freight2020 BI360

Freight2020 BI360

Freight2020 MDBA

Freight2020 MDBA

Freight2020 custom software development port

Custom Development

Freight2020 User Group Conference

User Community

Choose from cloud or on-premise implementation.

The standard implementation of the Freight2020 transport management system involves the installation of the system on your server to make it available over your network, the internet, and by mobile. This involves an investment to begin with, followed by an ongoing maintenance fee to stay current with upgrades and access to support. Freight2020 is also available in the cloud as a SaaS subscription with upgrades and access to support included. Online or on-site training is additional.

Freight2020 Cloud

Freight2020 Server

Use Freight2020 along with other systems.

Financial data from Freight2020 can feed into popular third-party accounting solutions like Xero, MYOB and Quicken, as well as other ERP systems like SAP. It can also be good to know that Freight2020 can integrate with ruggedised fatigue-management and GPS systems. The developers of Freight2020, CMS Transport Systems, are located in Australia, so any customisation or integration work that might be required – if not already on the roadmap – can be undertaken directly.

Third-Party Accounting

Third-Party Mobility

Rock-solid Australian support for your Freight2020 transport management system.

When you choose Freight2020 you can be assured that expert assistance is provided to help get your system up-and-running. Freight2020 is developed in Australia and all training and support is handled in Australia by specialists who can relate to your business needs. Updates are available to keep your Freight2020 up-to-the-minute with changes in taxation and regulatory requirements, and your system can be upgraded with additional modules at any time.


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