New introductory video for Freight2020

A light-hearted animated cartoon is helping to explain the advantages of the Freight2020 transport management system over manual or spreadsheet-based processes to run operations management, from freight bookings through to invoicing, which is where transport businesses are generating their revenue.

The new video, titled The Four Deadly Sins of Transport Management (and how to avoid them), runs for less than two minutes but manages to highlight the four most common causes of revenue leakage in transport and logistics operations.

Click or touch image to view "The Four Deadly Sins of Transport Management"

Click image to view “The Four Deadly Sins of Transport Management”

Lost bookings, duplications, missing paperwork, and rating errors – these are just four of the problems caused by using outdated, patched-together systems which can erode margins and cause frustration to the transport business and its customers.

The key messages of the video are that Freight2020 eliminates risk to the business from the four deadly sins of transport management, and this is just the start of what Freight2020 can do for a transport business. With the fully integrated Freight2020 transport management system, the business can become more efficient, more competitive, and more profitable. All it takes is a live demonstration to find out how Freight2020 can transform almost every aspect of your business.

Produced for CMS Transport Systems by multi-channel marketing partners Ginormous, The Four Deadly Sins of Transport Management is an example of the new type of multi-media productions called “explainer videos”, according to Ginormous project manager, Melanie Williamson. “Explainer videos typically run for about one or two minutes. They can tell big stories in bite-sized instalments. Viewers don’t need to commit too much time, or fear they’ll get bored,” Melanie said. “An entertaining, compelling video production will hold attention right through to the end. A call-to-action at the end tells people what to do if they’d like to know more. CMS has already received a number of requests for Freight2020 demonstrations directly from people who just viewed this video.”