Guarding against fatigue with new Sentinel EWD

Sentinel EWD driver fatigue management

Around 20% of all road fatalities can be caused by fatigue, according to government statistics*, yet fatigue is one of the most preventable of all factors contributing to the occurrence of road accidents.

A growing number of Australian transport and logistics organisations are taking a more proactive approach to the management of driver fatigue through the deployment of Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs) to augment the paper-based work diaries currently needed to comply with safety legislation.

Sentinel EWD fatigue management system

New Sentinel EWD fatigue management system

Transtech, one of the most experienced Australian developers of fatigue management systems, recently released a new version of their Sentinel EWD for real-time online and offline driver fatigue management. Sentinel uses the iFace, a 7″ in-vehicle touchscreen device, for mobile interactivity.

“With Sentinel on iFace, the driver simply presses an on-screen button to start or stop their work and rest periods. Sentinel does all the calculations and keeps the driver aware of their fatigue status within their individual rule-set, even when journeys are outside of the cellular network,” said Paul Weiss, Business Development Manager of Transtech. “Real-time processing delivers back-office insights into fatigue information, advanced alerting, reports with visual aids, and historic feedback.”

“Transtech and CMS have worked together collaboratively on integrated and complementary solutions for a number of major transport companies,” said Grant Walmsley, general manager of CMS Transport Systems, developers of the Freight2020 transport management system.

“Any Australian transport company with a heavy-vehicle fatigue management system already in place should be commended for showing commitment to improving worker safety and reducing the road toll,” Grant said.


* Estimate deduced from fatigue-related road accident and crash fatality statistics quoted by the Traffic Accident Commission of Victoria and Australian Transport Safety Bureau.