CMS Congratulates Secon CEO for VTA Award 2012

CMS Transport Systems, world leader in road freight and intermodal transport and logistics software, has extended its congratulations to long-time customer Secon Freight Logistics for winning a prestigious award from the Victorian Transport Association (VTA).

In recognition of contribution to the transport industry

The VTA conferred its high-profile WFD Chalmers Award of the year to Secon chief operating officer and director, Terry Considine. He was recognised for his services and contribution to the local transport industry. The WFD Chalmers Award is given by the VTA to recognise an individual’s contribution to the transport industry over a long period. It is given in memory of Daryl Chalmers, who was in the association’s executive council for over 40 years and was a life member for over 30 years.

In a presentation speech, VTA executive director Philip Lovel AM praised Considine for his “fantastic support and goodwill to the association.” “There are many other examples of Terry’s involvement in VTA issues. Without his common sense support we would not have achieved anywhere near the solutions we have today,” he said.

Considine has been a member and active participant in the VTA general freight committee for more than a decade. He has served as chairman of the VTA container group since 2008—the year it was decided that the container group should meet in its own right as a sub-committee of the general freight committee.

He was involved with talks to decongest the Port of Melbourne of empty containers in late 2009 and early 2010, during the height of the global financial crisis. The working group discussions resulted in the implementation of the container chain information visibility and exchange system, among other changes. He represented the association during the discussions on the current port of Melbourne capacity development project, ensuring the needs of the group are heard by all stakeholders.

Pride in family-owned business

Brother and Secon director of transport operations, Brendon Considine, said the family-owned business is very proud of Terry’s achievement. “Having witnessed first-hand over many years the time and effort Terry has put into assisting the VTA to improve our industry, I couldn’t think of a more worthy recipient,” he said.

Secon is involved with warehousing, transport, AQIS and Customs. A customer of CMS Transport Systems since 2008, Secon has been enjoying many years of increased efficiency and competitiveness using Freight2020, CMS’ fully integrated transport management software for streamlining Australian road freight and intermodal transport businesses.

Congratulations to Terry and Secon from everyone at CMS Transport Systems!

Addendum Monday 24th February 2014

Tribute to Terry Considine by CMS Transport Systems

News of the unexpected passing of Terry Considine, late CEO of Secon Logistics, was sadly received by many in the Australian transport industry via an email announcement distributed by the Victorian Transport Association last Friday.

Grant Walmsley, general manager of CMS Transport Systems, providers of integrated transport management solutions to Secon Logistics, paid tribute to Terry Considine earlier today.

“Terry Considine was a major contributor to the Australian transport industry as a whole. He was a driving force in its continual development and improvement, particularly in Victoria, and an outstanding role model for all transport industry professionals,” Grant said. “Few have made equal mark, nor given so much to the industry and its people as Terry Considine. Last November, when Terry received the WFD Chalmers Award from the VTA, it could go only part of the way towards honouring Terry’s professional lifetime of demonstrated commitment, generosity, integrity, diplomacy, fellowship, commercial vision, and leadership.”

“It is very difficult to accept that Terry Considine is no longer with us. All who have had the privilege of knowing Terry personally would be shocked and saddened.” Grant said. “Speaking on behalf of everyone at CMS, we send our deepest condolences to the Considine family and everyone at Secon Logistics.”