Optimise performance and profitability with Freight2020 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT.

Operations Management is the core of the fully-integrated Freight2020 transport management software system, as operations is where freight revenue-generation begins. From freight quoting and booking right through to invoicing, Freight2020 Operations Management comes ready to manage all kinds of freight transport and logistics operations, every step of the way. Generate a quote or create a booking for general freight, or any kind of specialised freight, with a high degree of automation and flexible control over every stage and detail relevant to the booking, including fail-safe checks for compliance, logic, and profitability. With Freight2020 Operations Management, you can offer online services to your customers with the Online Customer Portal. Go mobile with drivers or subbies using Freight2020 Driver Mobility. Manage and track individual items or pallets within consignments using Freight2020 Item-Level Tracking. Full integration of Freight2020 means that whenever and however new data is captured or entered into Freight2020 Operations Management, it is automatically updated and shared throughout the system.

No changing to fit transport management software. Manage operations your way.

Many transport businesses use only the General Freight configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management as the perfect fit for all day-to-day operational needs. Other businesses use one or more specialised freight configurations (such as Container Freight or Energy Distribution) to handle the specific requirements of each kind of freight. Each configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management can be further customised to suit different ways of doing business, so with Freight2020 there’s no need for you to change the way you run your transport business just to fit the transport management software. With Freight2020 Operations Management, you can keep running your operations your way – just much more profitably, efficiently, and assuredly than ever before.

Key global features of Freight2020 Operations Management include:

  • Internet processing and online customer services
  • Freight quoting
  • Freight movement requests (bookings)
  • Automated rating
  • Booking resource and driver allocations
  • Manifest and consignment note printing
  • Proof of delivery (including sign-on-glass options)
  • Manifest confirmation
  • Manifest invoicing
  • Full integration with Freight2020 Online Customer Portal

Up to seven specialised freight booking configurations on the dashboard.

Freight2020 Operations Management offers up to seven different configurations for handling specific types of job quoting, booking, and processing. Use any one mode, or select from different modes as needed. Any configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management that your business might not need right now is ready to use whenever business needs may change. There is never any need to change transport management software down the track as your services evolve and expand. Freight2020 is always ready to evolve and grow with your transport business because the system is flexible and scaleable.

Look inside the specialised freight booking options within Freight2020:

Container Freight

If the transport and management of shipping containers is a significant part of your business, the Container Freight configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management will streamline each and every aspect of your container freight transport operations. Outstanding features of the system include live interfacing with 1-Stop’s Voyage & Vessel data, handling interlinked journeys, container stage reminders, and managing fees, levies, and demurrage. Read more…

Contract Logistics

Should your business depend on the effective planning, implementation and control of freight services provided to customers under contract (3PL), the Contract Logistics configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management will answer your business needs specifically. Advanced features handle the complexities of operations management for any 3PL-based business model. Read more…


The operational requirements of any transport business engaged in earthmoving equipment and haulage activities are unique, and this is why CMS Transport Systems developed a highly-specialised Earthmoving configuration for Freight2020 Operations Management. Proven as an effective operations management solution for transport companies with earthmoving as their focus. Read more…

Energy Distribution

The Energy Distribution configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management is used by many of the biggest names in Australian bulk fuel and tanker transportation. Energy Distribution efficiently handles complexities such as scheduling deliveries of multiple energy products to any number of drop points, the loading of product into segregated compartments within tankers, mandatory reporting, and reporting for customer KPIs. Read more…

General Freight

The flexible General Freight configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management is all that many transport businesses ever need to run their day-to-day operations with utmost efficiency. Seamlessly handle quoting, pro forma invoices, freight bookings; confirming work and schedules to manifests; managing statutory compliance, documentation, processes, rating, invoicing; and much more! Read more…

Heavy Haulage

The complex requirements of heavy haulage, crane hire or project logistics can make very heavy demands on operational management and administration for tracking all of the various third-party costs associated with a job. The Heavy Haulage configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management was developed to make much lighter work of the project logistics planning and coordination, administration, and customer service requirements of any transport company specialising in the heavy haulage market. Read more…

Livestock Transport

The transportation of livestock is necessarily complex and demanding but the Livestock Transport configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management allows managers, drivers and administrators to get on with the job much more efficiently. All aspects of livestock transportation – including options for road trains, per head, per deck, per kilometre calculations, and all mandatory requirements, are managed by this highly specialised and sophisticated system. Read more…

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