Freight2020 is easy for new users to learn…

There is no need for specialised knowledge to get the most from Freight2020. In fact, some users successfully trained in the Freight2020 system have been first-time computer users.

Real people are always right there for you…

The Freight2020 Help Desk is available to answer any question arising from day-to-day use of the system. Help is free for Freight2020 Cloud users and maintained Server installations.

On-Site Training

Many transport companies prefer to have a Freight2020 training specialist on-site to train staff and management in their own real-time operational environment. On-site Freight2020 training can be organised for any transport business at any location in Australia.

Online Training

With latest desktop-sharing technology, having one-on-one or small-group sessions with a Freight2020 trainer online is just as effective as having the training conducted in person. Freight2020 online training is flexible, convenient, and also very cost-efficient.

Centralised Training

Freight2020 training can also take place in a centralised group environment, involving a number of new users from the same organisation, or small companies together, at the head office of CMS Transport Systems in Melbourne or a small auditorium nearby.

Need additional Freight2020 training for new managers or staff members?