As a sub section of the ERP, a “TMS” is a Transport Management Solution. In the transport world this typically involves the order management of transport bookings, automated rating functions, allocation to vehicles, trailers and drivers though to the business accounting software. In this essence a TMS is the ERP for a transport business.

How Does a TMS Add Value?

By integrating key functions such as transport operations with the accounting software the TMS can significantly reduce the time taken to complete each transaction or delivery undertaken by the business to an invoice, which in turn reduces the debtors days or outstanding debt owed to the business by its customers.

In a transport business not using a TMS, it is not unusual to have 7 day accounts taking 7 to 14 days for an invoice to be raised, due to the complexities and volume of paperwork involved. Add to this the extra time taken for the customer to pay the invoice, a 7 day account can quickly turn into a 30 to 45 day account in real terms. Conversely when using a TMS a 7 day account can invoiced within a matter of minutes or hours of the work being physically completed. Along with the debtor management tolls and integration back to the operational activity a 7 day account can really be a 7 day account saving your business 38 debtor days in the process.

What Should You Do Now?

If the TMS solution your business uses does not deliver the value you expected then you should contact us. In most cases this occurs because the supplier of your software has used an outdated or dead development environment and is simply unable to deliver what your business requires as you grow.

Freight 2020® is designed with the Australian transport business in mind and utilises key technologies that have a defined upgrade path as technology changes. We want you to focus on driving your business where you want it to go and not to worry about the technology used get it there. With CMS Transport Systems and Freight 2020® you get peace of mind and comfort in the availability of software services we can deliver.