Freight2020 showcases the world’s most advanced system interactivity.

CMS Transport Systems is one of the world’s leaders in the development of TMS interactivity. Freight2020 was one of the first transport management systems to offer an Online Customer Portal for end-customers to interact with live bookings data online, and Freight2020 Driver Mobility was the first driver mobility solution in the world to utilise common mobile devices via a free-to-download app. With continuous development and implementation of breakthrough technology by CMS Transport Systems, you can be sure that your Freight2020 system remains state-of-the-art.

Auto-Email Notifications feature

Every Freight2020 system includes the hugely time-saving Auto-Email Notifications capability which is easily configured to automate the sending of customised email notifications about any kind of event, in any area of the business, to specified recipients. Automatically email customers with pick-up and delivery notifications, complete with POD, and invoices; automatically send payslips to employees, and payment advices to subbies and suppliers; automatically distribute real-time alerts about incidents, accidents, equipment and vehicle maintenance issues received via Freight2020 Driver Mobility, and much more.  Read more…

Freight2020 Mobility

Freight2020 Mobility provides affordable real-time interactivity with the Freight2020 system for drivers, subbies, and even remote depot or warehouse personnel, via a free-to-download app for common mobile devices. Fully integrated with Freight2020 modules, Driver Mobility interacts with live bookings data and job allocations, safety compliance, timesheets and payroll, fleet maintenance, and much more. Read more…

Item-Level Tracking within Freight2020

Freight2020 Item-Level Tracking

Freight2020 Item-Level Tracking enables individual items or pallets within freight bookings or consignments to be tracked even when split between different trucks for transport, or stored in different warehouse locations. Easy bar-code label printing and scanning for fail-safe item tracking and event reporting. Read more…

Freight2020 Online Customer Portal

The Freight2020 Online Customer Portal provides a seamless experience for regular freight customers with a custom-branded platform for making live booking requests, accessing filtered track-and-trace data down to item level if required, checking proof-of-delivery and other event-related data, and downloading invoices. Read more…

Choose management modules from the Freight2020 suite:

Freight2020 transport management systems overview


Container Freight

Contract Logistics


Energy Distribution

General Freight

Heavy Haulage

Livestock Transport


Truck Fleet Maintenance Software


Workforce Management



Choose how to implement Freight2020:

Freight2020 Cloud

Freight2020 Server

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Third-Party Accounting

Third-Party Mobility

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