Freight2020 Warehouse Management provides seamless customer experience throughout goods receipt, storage, picking, packing, despatch and transport.

For transport companies typically providing 3PL services to their customers, the ultimate warehouse management software solution is Freight2020 Warehouse Management. Fully integrated with all other management modules in the Freight2020 system, Freight2020 Warehouse Management delivers absolute control, real-time customer services, and streamlined efficiency across all 3PL activities. The requirement for paperwork and manual intervention is slashed. Not only does Freight2020 Warehouse Management provide a complete end-to-end solution from goods receipt throughout storage, picking, packing, despatch and transport – the entire warehouse operations staff can use Freight2020’s free-to-download mobile technology to receive work which can be tracked by time stamps to help boost productivity in the warehouse.

Item-level inventory control with online customer tracking.

Offering state-of-the-art item-level inventory control, Freight2020 Warehouse Management streamlines all activities and processes associated with stocktaking including the management of cyclical stocktaking with multiple selection criteria. Item-level inventory control combined with the Freight2020 Online Customer Portal provides 3PL customers with a real-time view of stock holdings in complete detail, and all associated billing data, as well as their stock transfers and movements via full system-wide integration.

The superior Australian solution for cold storage management.

Freight2020 Warehouse Management is chosen by many of Australia’s leading refrigerated transport and cold storage providers for its exceptional compliance-control capabilities in relation to the safe storage and handling of chilled and frozen food products and ingredients.

Flexible billing options and powerful management reporting.

With Freight2020 Warehouse Management as your 3PL warehouse management software, flexible billing options allow billing at any point in the processing week, billing for the warehouse storage of stock as well as any ad-hoc movements of stock inwards, outwards, or within the warehouse. Powerful, one-click reporting options give managers an up-to-the-minute view of warehouse operations from every perspective, and reports are available in a wide variety of formats for emailing directly to specified recipients from within the system.

Key features of Freight2020 Warehouse Management software:

  • Provides a systemised process to reduce errors
  • Comprehensive reporting delivers on-time information to internal and external stakeholders
  • Simple and logical to operate, reducing the time required to start getting results
  • Supports multiple warehouses and allows for future expansion without further cost
  • User-defined picking rules deliver the most effective picking routines to make the process more efficient
  • Full batch, serial, pallet ID, bond, production and expiry date compliance – no more spreadsheets
  • Customer interactivity with Online Customer Service Portal
  • Live updates and notifications to specified recipients using Auto-Email Notifications
  • Warehouse staff management and productivity control with free-to-download mobile app

Freight2020 Warehouse Management integrates with all management modules:


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Item-Level Tracking within Freight2020

Item-Level Tracking

Online Customer Portal

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