The specialised system for heavy haulage operations within Freight2020.

Developed specifically for managing heavy haulage operations, Freight2020 Heavy Haulage Operations Management takes into account all of the many variables associated with this highly-specialised form of transportation. Complex compliance management for heavy haulage is no problem at all with Freight2020. Using Freight2020 Driver Mobility with Freight2020 Heavy Haulage Operations Management, administration can know the exact details of heavy haulage movements, even when drivers are working in remote areas and won’t be returning to base for days. Paperwork can be captured live via Freight2020 Driver Mobility or scanned and stored against the job. With all relevant information available throughout the system in real-time, flexible billing options allow charging with easily configurable rating through to invoicing. Managers can reserve and allocate drivers and subbies, prime movers and trailers, with fail-safe compliance checking in real-time; calculate payments to drivers and subbies including allowances, bonuses, etc; track costs per job; analyse profitability from all vital perspectives, and much more.

Manage heavy haulage as your core business, or part of your mix.

The Heavy Haulage configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management is integrated with every other type of freight quote or booking that you may ever want to process and manage within your transport business. So, no matter what you’re carrying, handling, or storing for customers, and how important it is for your operations, assets, safety, and margins to be managed efficiently, maintained compliantly and properly accounted for, Freight2020 brings it all together in one fully-integrated transport management system.

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