The all-purpose freight operations system within Freight2020.

Freight2020 General Freight Operations Management is developed specifically to handle the management of the most common types of freight bookings, including refrigerated transport. Users are guided through each logical step involved in quoting, creating, and managing a freight booking with time-saving automation and flexibility for controlling driver and vehicle or subcontractor allocations, journey leg-building, freight movements, and rating through to invoicing. Full integration with all other modules in the Freight2020 suite of solutions provides fail-safe checks for compliance, calculation of payroll and payments to subcontractors, a seamless customer experience for 3PL warehouse and cold storage customers, live mobile interactivity for drivers, live online interactive customer service and track-and-trace down to item-level if needed, and much more!

Just some key features of Freight2020 General Freight Operations Management:

  • Internet processing and online customer services
  • Freight quoting
  • Freight movement requests (bookings)
  • Automated rating
  • Booking resource and driver allocations
  • Manifest and consignment note printing
  • Proof of delivery (including sign-on-glass options)
  • Manifest confirmation
  • Manifest invoicing
  • Full integration with Freight2020 Online Customer Portal

Manage general freight as your core business, or part of your business mix.

The General Freight configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management is all that many transport businesses will ever need as freight management software. Freight2020 General Freight Operations Management is fully integrated with every other part of the Freight2020 system, so that however and wherever data is entered or captured, the latest version of information is immediately available to everyone who needs it – right across the system.

Freight2020 transport management systems overview


Container Freight

Contract Logistics


Energy Distribution

General Freight

Heavy Haulage

Livestock Transport

Freight2020 Operations Management integrates with all other management modules:


Truck Fleet Maintenance Software


Workforce Management



The real-time power of advanced interactivity options:

Auto Email Notifications


Item-Level Tracking within Freight2020

Item-Level Tracking

Online Customer Portal

Choose how to implement Freight2020:

Freight2020 Cloud

Freight2020 Server

Use Freight2020 with other systems:

Third-Party Accounting

Third-Party Mobility

Full support for getting the most out of Freight2020 General Freight Operations Management:


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