The specialised system for bulk tanker operations within Freight2020.

The Energy Distribution configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management simplifies the transport of commodities such as fuel, gas, and chemicals by tanker. The system streamlines the complex scheduling involved in delivering multiple products to a number of drop points. Users are guided through a logical sequence of events for booking tanker transport – saving time, maintaining compliance, optimising efficiency, and maximising profitability.

gas-tanker-road-big-fuel-truck-highway-45374287Freight2020 is the solution chosen by many leading Australian bulk liquid and gas transporters.

The sophistication of Freight2020 Operations Management for Energy Distribution is so much greater than available alternatives that Freight2020 has been selected as the superior system by some of the largest and most successful organisations involved in road tanker transport throughout Australia. Only a live demonstration of Freight2020 can reveal its full power and potential for user-companies in this highly regulated and thoroughly specialised sector of the road transport industry. Being a fully integrated transport management solution, data captured in the Energy Distribution configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management is available across all other modules in the system. For example, booking information forms part of the invoicing module (Accounts Receivable), and manifest information integrates directly with Freight2020 Payroll or Subcontractor Management (Payroll or Accounts Payable). Powerful reports provide management with real-time overviews and detailed summaries.

Just some key features of Freight2020 Energy Distribution Operations Management:

  • Management of multiple products and drop-points
  • Management of loads for different compartments
  • Scheduling of routes, drop-points, and time-frames
  • Automatic rating per product with customer-specific rates
  • Load sheets with detailed product configuration diagrams
  • Driver allocations with automatic compliance checks
  • Allocation of prime mover and tankers
  • Mass-management for vehicle-tanker/trailer combinations
  • Management of delivery cycles and auto-scheduling

Manage energy distribution as your core business, or part of your mix.

The Energy Distribution configuration of Freight2020 Operations Management is integrated with every other type of freight quote or booking that you may ever want to manage within your transport business. No matter what you’re carrying, handling, or storing for customers, nor how complex your operations, Freight2020 brings it all together in one fully-integrated transport management system.

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