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Freight2020 Transport Management SystemWith Freight2020 being one of the world’s most advanced, widely-used, and road-proven transport management systems, it’s hard to imagine there could be some features and functions not already thought of and built into the system. Take Freight2020 Operations Management, for example, configurable to manage seven different freight specialisations (including all-purpose General Freight).

Certainly, for more than 90% of transport and logistics companies in Australia and New Zealand, Freight2020 is the perfect fit, straight out of the box. The Freight2020 system is as flexible as it is powerful, and fine-tuning to suit each business is usually as simple as turning some functions ‘on’ and others ‘off’.

Every now and then, however, a Freight2020 user will want the system to do something unique or unusual to meet needs that are very specific to their business. An extra field here, a slightly different layout there, a function that works like this, an API access code that doesn’t exist already…

Freight2020 is fully developed in Australia by an expert team of software engineers – real people including the original system architects – who are able to collaborate and consult with a business to make any unusual tweaks to the system that are theoretically do-able.

Simply ask the question (pre-purchase) or raise a ticket on the HelpDesk

Custom development inside Freight2020 isn’t ‘free’ but represents excellent value if the modification fits some unusual need in your business as closely as if the system had been developed specifically for your business from the ground-up.

Millions of dollars’ worth of Australian research and development has gone into Freight2020 and companies that try to develop their own system in-house cannot match this investment nor keep up with continuing development. The cost of ongoing Freight2020 development is shared across literally thousands of user-licenses, providing massive economies of scale. The cost of any custom modification to Freight2020 is tiny compared to the cost of developing a whole system just for one single business!

If you’re a Freight2020 user with a need to get something unique and special out of the system, simply raise a ticket on the Freight2020 HelpDesk to ask for a quote on any custom modification. It quite often turns out that what people think might require custom modification is actually already there and available just by changing the settings in Freight2020.