Easy-to-read, up-to-the-minute business performance analysis – whenever you need it.

If you’re the owner or manager of a transport and logistics business, imagine being able to see all key performance indicators of your business performance, as things are actually happening – that’s what you get with Freight2020 BI360 business intelligence and data analytics.

No more ‘flying blind’ with decision-making, waiting for reports to be generated, or relying on human interpretations of vital business information.

Freight2020 BI360 gives you full visibility of business performance 24/7 with a colourful, easy-to-read dashboard. You can see in an instant how it’s all going in various areas of the business, and make timely decisions while you can still take advantage of something or before a developing situation turns into a major problem.

Display all the KPIs that really matter to you (and nothing you don’t want or need).

The KPIs that really matter to managers vary from business to business. Some managers want to keep an eagle-eye on their financials, for example daily invoicing, for assurance as to how the business is going. For others, a certain number of pallet movements or warehouse transfers can provide finger-on-the-pulse confidence in satisfactory business performance. It might take the combination of several different KPIs, and lightning-fast historical comparisons, for the manager to check current business performance in a moment.

Your Freight2020 BI360 dashboard is fully customisable so whatever window into your business performance you need to manage the business efficiently, it’s yours. Data can be drawn not just from within the Freight2020 system, but from external sources as well. Information is displayed in a graphical format with customisable colours, styling, and branding.

The complete business intelligence and data analytics solution (with its own crystal ball).

Freight2020 BI360 makes typical management tasks like cost/revenue analysis and historical comparisons really easy. You can get started rapidly with a set of built-in standard reports. You can have custom reports set up to suit your specific needs, and use the Analysis Grid for self-service reporting and dashboarding.

What’s more, Freight2020 BI360 comes with predictive analytics capabilities. You will be able to forecast the future for your business like never before!

Sample customer revenue map