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Container Freight Management

Freight2020’s Container Freight Management system streamlines each step involved in containerised freight management.

Example of container freight management

Forming part of CMS Transport System's Integrated Operations module, Freight2020 Operations simplifies what is often a difficult and time consuming process. 

Users are guided through a logical sequence of events, and prompted for updates and information relevant to the booking.

Container transport specific booking screens ensure all relevant container information is captured as it becomes available. Using this information, and coupled with a live interface to 1-Stop’s Voyage & Vessel service, Freight2020 ensures your operations department have all the information they need, when they need it.

Being a fully integrated solution, data captured in Freight2020’s Container Operations is available across a number of other modules. Booking information forms part of the invoicing module (AR), manifest information integrates directly with Freight2020 Payroll or Subcontractor Management (Payroll or AP).

Features of Freight2020’s Container Operations Management solution include:

  • Collection and delivery locations
  • Slot time management
  • Rating
  • Container details
  • Container stage reminders (de-hire, empty collect, etc)
  • Interlinked journey legs
  • Driver allocations
  • Vehicle allocations
  • Fees, levies and demurrage management
  • 1-Stop integration
  • De-hiring
  • Invoicing
  • Manifesting
  • Fleet Management integration
  • GL, AR & AL integration

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